DB Music London is the new art centre in Hackney, where you can find comfort and enthusiasm as soon as you step inside. We are the home of London Saz School, a heritage community organisation. We’ve also expanded our team of tutors to reach out to even more music lovers.


We have integrated a 70’s style café into the shop so you will be surrounded by instruments while enjoying your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Our café area has become a hub for musicians to meet and spark ideas for their projects. We also host concerts here. You are most welcome to enjoy the space!


Downstairs we have Luthier Musical Instruments Repair Shop. Our services include dent removal, re-stringing, re-corking, structural repair, cleaning and polishing, readjustments, valve repair, replacing broken parts, and more. We also offer general instrument maintenance and water damage repair.


On the shop side of our centre, we are the proud dealer of Tanglewood guitars, traditional instruments like the Baglama, Istanbul Agop Cymbals, percussion and much more... We have a wide selection of strings, cables and musical accessories. Give us a call or come and browse!