Itamar Henry

Itamar Henry is a multi-instrumentalist composer/singer-songwriter who has been crafting his art since the age of 12. Originally from the Middle East, Itamar’s work captures the poetic tones of the Hebrew language and rhythmical textures of Middle-Eastern music, and blends them with his passion for folk, blues, reggae and jazz. Itamar has curated 4 albums and is currently working on several projects where he composes and performs in a variety of ensembles. 

Itamar is a respected guitarist in the reggae scene and has played with a number of reggae artists including big names such as Trevor Walters and Sugar P. 

Itamar has an extensive repertoire of musical genres at his fingertips but was initially trained in guitar and jazz harmony and later specialised in jazz bebop. He then went on to train on piano and both alto and soprano saxophone. Itamar has also received comprehensive rhythmal training and advanced coordination on drums. 

Itamar teaches a wide range instruments including: guitar, ukulele, bass, saxophone, piano and drums. Itamar has a passion for working with neurodiverse children as well as children with learning difficulties and hopes to help them achieve their goals without barriers.

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