28th June 2024 @ 8PM

Mandalakia is a London born project that breathes new life into the traditional music of Greece. With a distinctive approach, the band weave together the vibrant tapestry of Anatolian and Eastern Mediterranean music with the harmonic progressions and sound world of modern styles.

Drawing from their wealth of experience of touring and performing music from around the world, the group collects songs and dances from Asia Minor and Greek villages; playing them with a strong emphasis on the Maqam tuning and tonal/melodic system of Greek, Turkish and Arabic music whilst bringing them into the 21st century with their original arrangements, harmonies and grooves.

The quartet is a new project and coming together of some of Londons’ top musicians within the genre:

Dunja Botic – Vocals and Percussion

Oliver Dover – Clarinet and Kaval

Konstantinos Glynos – Kanun

Tim Karp – Guitar and Oud