Abdoulaye Samb and Minnjiaraby

29th March 2024 @ 8PM

Abdoulaye Samb is a Senegalese songwriter who warms audience’s hearts with his sincere performances and energetic live shows. Along with his band Minnjiaraby, they create a refreshing blend of traditional Senegalese music and European influences inspired by Fula and Mandinka cultures. The name Minnjirabay meaning the ‘love of mixing’ expresses the richness in Senegalese culture and an open mind to the many influences from across the globe.

Hailing from a humble background in Dakar and a family that was not of Griot origin – Abdoulaye’s opportunity to play music was initially limited. Finding inspiration to play music whilst working in a hardware store in the coastal town of Yen, he made his first guitar using an oilcan and fishing wire – on his return to Dakar he played exclusively on this homemade instrument for two years.

Recognising Abdoulaye’s natural talent – legendary local Griot musician, Mamaya Kanoute, generously offered to mentor Abdoulaye, teaching him the traditional guitar for a year before his untimely death. A few months after his death, Abdoulaye performed to the family members of Mamaya invoking a tearful emotional response as the family of Griots saw in Abdoulaye the late master and mentor.

Abdoulaye has come a long way since his early development as an artist, living in Hackney; he has formed an incredible band made up of locals and fellow Senegalese musicians. The seven-piece band are currently working on the follow up to their debut record, Wouty, and are looking to bring their eclectic Senegalese-European live show to new audiences across the UK. Having played across London from Rich Mix to Hootananny’s to Passing Clouds – Abdoulaye Samb & Minnjiaraby are hot property on the London circuit and their show is not to be missed.


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